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Vaguely down

I feel vaguely down. I wish I knew why, then (in theory, anyways), I could try to fix it. I think it might have something to do with the problems in the "friends-only" posts I've been making. For those of you not so privilaged, one of my hallmates seems to be trying to sabotage (for lack of a better word) a (friendly) relationship I have with a girl on the floor by implying I want to break her and her boyfriend up and move in. Falsehoods, all of them. But it doesn't matter, because now, I always have to watch myself, and try to avoid possibly "flirtatious" behavior. A big problem, considering that I never know when I am flirting.

I wish...
I wish I could figure out why exactly, and what to do about this melencholy.

Writing, I hear, helps.

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