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I just got back from an odysee.
We (Bill (roomate), Karli, Kirsten, Shaun, (Big) Bill, John and myself) went to Wegman's first, to try to cash a check. That failed. Then we went to this piercing place, to get Kirsten and Karli's belly button's pierced. Lotsa fun. Then we went back to the mall to cruise. We had some food, it was good. I had Chinese food... I haven't had that since I left NYC.

In the mall is a store, called NYC Clothing store. Chris (my brother) would call it "ghettofabulous." In their logo is a sillouette of the trade towers.

Its so weird to see fragments, remnants of them holding on. I still don't know how I'm going to deal with it when I get back home. To Brooklyn. To my parents bedroom's back window, where, for my whole life, they were visible, even central to my view of Manhattan. I'm going to have trouble navigating below the Park without them. I'm going to miss them. I identified them with me, because I was always the tallest kid in the class. I still am definately one of the taller kids out here. FYI: 6'4".

I'll get back to this when I can write nice.

much love,
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