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Yah, well, I was busy!

So there! I was busy. I had to write the article, the paper. I had to get some starting point done on my program for next term. What is is that y'all want from me?

So here's an entry. I know you love it. Tell me you love it!

Yah, I know I should write more in this thing. I know it would help me with class and work. But if I wrote too much in it, it would detract from the both. Oh, and Ed, your most recent rot13 entry was pure evil.

Oh, and for those HTML code junkees out there who want to know how to do the stupid pop-up-on-clicking-link crap, simply after the
point add a space and
and then end the tag and treat it like a normal link code.

Well, finally I'm back out from under the deadlines for awhile again. It feels SOOOO good.

When something interesting happens to me, I'll make sure I put it in.

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