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Hmmm... odd

The Prime Soc Project finished a day early. The file is 473 MB. I tried viewing it in explorer, and crashed it when I tried to set an away in trill. This also crashed trill. Actually, it crashed the computer.

So if there's anybody out there who wants to try and display a 473 MB plaintext file called prime.ssn, be my guest. The zip file just finished, and its 120 MB. I was expecting a much greater ratio because of the huge amount of repetition. I'm making a RAR file of it now (not the zip, the plaintext), and thats gonna take a bit longer.
I'm also gonna follow codepoet's advice and try to download a bzipper, because he says the ratios there are really good.

And in other news.

There is no other news, because I'm a recluse who spends all day attached to his computer. What a loser.

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