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Well, I lost another node.
I went nodeshell filling, and it was not smiled upon. I wrote a really witty story about ravines and tiny black holes, and now I can't even take another look at it for another 48 hours.
That's my second node lost. They did say that newbs lose about half of their first 10, and I was very lucky with my first three sticking (Even though one of them has a negative rep). I've now made six nodes, and two have been deleted. 4 for 6 ain't bad.

Oh, yeah, I should explain. For those of you who don't know (including me in x years), I've been noding for Everything2. It gives me an excuse to write things that aren't of a personal nature, and its so much fun to read, I felt I had to try to give something back.

I re-watched Star Trek: Insurrection today while I was waiting for a good time to call back the bank. There wasn't one, but the movie was good. I may have the issue with them resolved, I may not, we'll see.

Damn these allergies. Facilities management went through at about 1pm with a mower, and it seems like I'll never stop sniffling. My pills work, but cut out very quickly. No, I don't want a prescription.

Work is soonish.
I might as well get going.

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