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Well, for some reason my bank took some of my money for having insuff funds, even though I had sufficent funds. Gotta love that.
Something tells me it has something to do with big L. Except that I had enough funds for that.
Eh, I'll be calling them back later today, so as to figure out what happened and how I can get my money back. It was not figured out on this call.

In other news, thanx to my spontaneoulsly resetting clock (how does a clock jump forward 3 hours?), I excused myself from classes today.
I did hand in my C homework, but on the way Parking Services wanted to stop me for speeding. I was on my 'blades, you see. So I popped off the wheels, and they said, "um... just go slower next time..."

I still have Ari's glasses. I like them, but apparently I look "too serious" in them. I'd rather look serious like that, than goofy like I do.

I'm thinking of maybe putting a photo i took with my webcam here.
After an LJ-cut, though.

Just FYI, the reason I don't put any graphics outside of an LJ-cut is because I don't put anything vital to the entry in a picture. I have a really slow connection at home (yes, I know I'm not home now, but I will be home soon...) and to load up the mood graphics from 50 entries is slow enough.

Fine, I'll put it in.


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