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The downside of spring


  • Every time I sneeze now I fear that my last normal breath was my last normal breath for the next three months. My allergies have never been that bad (my mom's has been so much worse), but a) this is rochester, and b) they've been getting worse.
  • Fucking instinct. The itty bitty voice in my head that says, "stick that thing in as many females as possible!" gets a lot louder. Especially after having been around so many males for so long. Its really aggrivating because I know thats not what I really want (I have so many other things that should be occupying my processing reources), but the voice just keeps getting louder. So I'll bring some headphones. Works okay. Happy punk makes me want to bounce, not screw :-)
    I just have to avoid R&B ;-)
  • Almost too much sun. But sun is good, especially so I can lose this palor I've adopted.

So, in closing, spring is cool, but like everything else, has a darker side.
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