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School... bah

I am so about to just pass out now, but I have to stay awake for at least another 5 hours for class. Luckly there's no Statics and Dynamics today, but thats partially due to the coolness of the teacher.
So I sit in the Pentium Lab considering the benefits of passing out.
I think I'll pick up another flowchart (mine's somewhere in the room.) and figure out my classes for next quarter.

Have you ever had one of those moments of insight? Where you know you've reached the right decision, immediately? They're rather nice, and as long as you're willing to trust yourself, and this insight, you can do many things you previously thought impossible.

Oh, by the way, was anybody doing something especially feelgood around 1:10p (EST)? I could explain, but right now it'd all sound like so much gibberish.

Things really always do work out,
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