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Mixed Bag

Well, its official, I can't make it to the tourney. Fucking car. And the bus fare at the last second would be obscene. Goddamn.

faboo, LauraBeth and I went to the RPO tonite. That was fun.

faboo was entertaining in his belief that Melissa and I are going out. Not the case, just so you know.

I'm still convinced on the growing distaste for me among my hallmates.

Faboo is so the man! He's like all the things I like about me, and none of the bad shit. And he plays guitar. And he has long hair. So think of me as a sex magnet, and you've got Faboo. He's just so unflappable!!

I dunno sometimes. Sometimes I'm doin' fine, and sometimes I don't want to deal. But I can never tell till after.

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