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Well... I was kept up last night, so I never got that Circuits HW done. If you want more details than that, they're few and far between. I was talking to a entertaining human being, making things messy, as I tend to do (and no, not in a good way). It was good, tho.

Then I woke up this morning. I felt ill and tired. So I went and dropped off my C HW to be handed in by another student, and came back and slept. So now I'm skipping class, and John and Mike are going to class, go figure.

Now I feel good, though, so the sleep was well used. And just in case, I'll be sleeping in tomorrow thanks to my extremely lenient Statics and Dynamics prof. He's the man.

So, then I went to the honors meeting. New people. Interesting.

Oh, then I went to RITMRC. They're very much more... right-leaning than I am. Its annoying that they ignore the poor, or many civil rights. However they are correct in pointing out the absurdity of the PC nation, and the disgustingness of big government.
I'm just all about politics today, right Michelle?

Anyways, I should be on my way.

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