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C = Bad

Have I mentioned how much I dislike programming?
Because I do, I really do.
Thats why I did EE, not CS or CE.

Concert last night was cool. H2O was definately the highlight of the night. I got their newest album, Go, and had it signed by three of them, Todd (guitar), Toby (vocals) and Todd (drums).

I'm trying to program now, but my heart is so not in it. I could just come back to it tomorrow, but it cuts into my dinner schmoozing time. Ahh well, such sacrifices must be made, then. I'll do some hand coding (pseudocode, maybe?) back at my room tonite.

Otherwise. Had a lovely outdoor practice with both James and José. I need to toughen those two up, I do. ;-)
But seriously, I'm glad that both of those two were able to show up. And it feels good to run again. Why couldn't I run like this in elementary school? I would have been so much happier with my Tag skills.
So I turning off the TV
and I smashed my radio
'Cause I realize my heroes
Are the people I already know
-- H2O, "Role Model"

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