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I've been looking at random journals, and I've been seeing a few patterns develop.
  • The random thingie seems to play favorites to new people
  • There are two types of entry
    • Unhappy (usually due to over-self-analysis, it seems)
    • Silly

This is highly intriguing to me, because, looking back on my entries, thats all I ever post, either.
I post when I'm sad and need someone/something to rant to, to get things off my chest or to figure things out. I post when I have way too much energy, and might just break a wall by bouncing off of it. When they're happy, the authors play with the journal, using it as a bragging post, or just as a place to put weird shit they think up when they're manic. When its depressive, the writing is there as some form of a call for help. Often, the author says, "don't even try to contradict me," when a desire for such is clearly there. The depressive posts are generally about romances, while the happy ones are about friends.

Now, a lot of what I said doesn't apply, because I know my journal has run the whole gamut (not happy with romances.. yet ;-)), and I only "analyized" about 10 journals, first page only, but I think that its very.. interesting.

As a side-note, the schitzophrenic Rochester weather has suddenly decided that it should be sunny.
Yesterday we had: Sunny, Rainy, Overcast, Sleeting, Snowing, Hailing.
What the monkey's uncle is that?

And in other news... ttyl,
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