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An Entry

I dunno if I can make other entries today. I've got calc homework that I have been avoiding all week. Its gotta be done tonite. I will, of course do some in calc class, but there's only so much of that that can be done. I suppose I could do some of it now, but that would require foresight and planning. I'll just do it later when it can be done.

Nothing really interesting happened last night, exept these two girls (friends of Anthony [the RA]) kissed in his room just for fun. Then I heard it got more interesting upstairs. Anthony went upstairs with them and he asked one of them to show him her breasts (why, we'll never know), so she did, and the other girl just rammed her head into them. Yet, neither of these girls are bi or lesbian.

Don't you just love National Coming Out Week? And today is National Coming Out Day. Who knows what may come out.


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