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I don't need no holiday for me.

My C prof is out today and tomorrow, that gives me one more luxurious hour of sleep. Yay.

I think my mood is still good, despite attempts to derail it. (See LJ-cut below...)

I had another instance of non-delivered email. Does this happen to anyone else here who uses the RIT email system, or is it my mail proggie?

I've been having fun to date, but I must be cautious today. I'm gullible under normal circumstances, I really don't need a holiday celebrating gullibility.

Anyways, here's to surviving to see April Second,

So, last night, around 1:30a (technically today, but lets not get wrapped up in technicalities), I was going up and down Baker C, writing "Happy April Fools" on people's whiteboards. I dunno why, it just came to me. So I was writing on Nate and Tat's board, which is right across the hall from John and Mike's room. Ben walks by, and goes into John and Mike's room. I hear him through the crappy door, telling everyone what I'm doing.
Then Nate says something along the lines of, "So, for April Fools, whatsay we go over to Peter and say, 'Hey Peter, you want to hang out?'" Now, I can't believe that he said this, but he said it again, regardless.
I, idiotically, IM Mike, telling him that I heard, and that I am not pleased. He fails to respond past an initial "yo."
And I went and talked with Anthony about it. I really have to lose my annoying habit of using logic to contradict advice.

This is starting to bug me, that the people I live with seem to dislike me so. It makes me fear for the future, where I'll have to get an apartment with some(one/people), and we'll have to deal with each other. Can I function among other people properly? I think so, but it seems that others think otherwise.
Do I follow Anthony's advice and say, "Screw 'em, I know what I'm doing," or do I try to understand and fix my annoying nature?

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