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1800 out of 1883

There are eighty-two people with numbers worse than me.
I had a feeling "8" would be in my number, which of course means nothing.
So I'm definately in the dorms again next year. Problem being that I want Honors Housing. Jeff won't let me sign up for Honors Housing unless I have a roomate, until thursday. Knowing me, I won't know it was thursday until saturday. So, that means no housing for Peter. Eh, I'll bother fewer people if I live in a cardboard box in the SAU, anyways.
Hey, at least I'm not as poorly off as Paul Thering
Realistically, tho, there's no point to my applying for housing. I can camp out in the academic side before classes
But what will I do when campus safety comes along? I'll show my RIT ID, and say I'm entitled to be here. They'll disagree with me, and I'll have to hitchhike down to Brooklyn to tell my parents I got kicked out of RIT for loitering.

Hell, I'm already halfway there!
Yah, so James and I were practicing Sunday night, and some RA came along (we thought it was RSA) and told us we couldn't do that. "Hall Sports," he says. We're in a fucking tunnel! Its nearly 10pm on a Sunday night, no one uses it! He says that the lounges are also "halls." So he effectively stopped our practices entirely. Why do I even fucking try?
Dawn, the head of the SUNY Brockport club invited us to her practices, which are when I have class, but James and José don't. And James has a car. Hopefully they can have practice there while it warms up a bit around here.

Anyways, so I'm screwed, might as well do the laundry.

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