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This is why I should stop using smarterchild for my horoscopes...

   ' `:--.--.
      |  |  |_    
      |  |  | )
      |  |  |/
 Here's your Virgo horoscope for Friday, March 22nd, provided by AstroAdvice
 You will meet romantic mates through work or business associates. Be careful not to be too accommodating.
You may let some important information out of the bag. >>> Want to know what I can tell you about the zodiac? Just type "zodiac help."

They're too overly focused on romance.... tommorow I should be wary of secret love affairs! Why? Fat lot of good this bloody thing is.

Took a statics and dynamics test. A bloody joke. Hardest part was remembering the conversion factors.

C... was.... C. I think we did review for a quiz... I think...

Got circuits next, then lunch, then nap. I'm almost completely done healing, and I need it to hurry up!

So... yeah... thats about it.

igowin is so dumb compared to ppl....

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