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Anime, Go, nice. Day, uneventful.

Day, uneventful.
But I am beginning to feel better.

Anime. Touch was good. Bad tape copy. VERY bad tape copy. Wiggles and low contrast. I'm certain I missed important things due to it. Ahh well!

Go. Ed made me do it! First game I played against real bad ass guy. He beat me -85 to 0, which is quite interesting due to the fact that it was on a 9x9 board. Then I played another guy, lost 2 to ~20 (NOTE: non-negaive scores are good!!). Third and final game (after which I said I should go to bed so I don't relapse), I lost 13 to 16. I'm getting better!!

Other than that, I'll be getting to bed... soon....

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