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What do I have to say today?

That depends on many things.

Is the 87 in chem good? its an A.. tasty.
Is the three hours of class back to back good? yes, since I finished at one.
Is the article I have to email off tonite good? No, because I'm doing this instead. This is a lot more fun than writing about an entire genre of film that I do not enjoy (horror) for Reporter. Don't worry, the link isn't supposed to work. Well, actually its supposed to, but the web staff at Reporter haven't been doing more than pleasing themselves with sandpaper and codliver oil. Don't ask.

Again, I apollogize to anyone who talked to me last night after about 11:30. I really shouldn't dump that kinda shit on you all.

Other than that, I got my "package." The post office staff was confused as to whether or not it was a package. Its more like a big envelope. For some reason I got a new learners permit, my bursar's account statement, and my other account statement. BOOORING.

Talk to y'all later!

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