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Tired old script

Starts with scratchy throat.
Moves to drippy nose.
The drippy nose begins to itch.
Then it bleeds, like it did in Circuits today. Hey, at least it made circuits interesting...
Usually then it clears up.
But my throat is still scratchy, and my nose drips still (though not as much).
Will it bleed again?

Once it bled 4 times in a 12 hr pd. 4:30 (in my sleep), 9:00 (delaying me slightly to school), 14:00, 14:30. It had better not do it again.

In other news, I got my Trigun Soundtrack in the mail today! W00t!!!

Also, I just found out that my checking account's balance, while plenty to cover the recent stay at Lunacon, does not have all those funds available. In fact, I'm about $30 short. K'so!
I need to get in contact with parents to make an emergency cash deposit/loan to prevent my account from going into freeze.

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