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I've noticed something about choices.

They're hard.

Yes, I know, its patently obvious, but it had to be said.

Some choices increase one's ability to make more choices, while others, limit the power of the self.

Do I make the right ones? I don't have enough data. But no one knows enough data.

I make... unpopular decisions. I never had to deal with peer pressure in any measurable way before this weekend.
It worried me.
I stuck to my guns, and I think I did the right thing for me. But I have to wonder... what could have happened? Would it have been better? Worse?
I can't tell, nor will I ever really know.

It feels foolish for me to muse over these things long after they have passed. I must accept my previous decision and go on.

I plan to continue making the same decision when confronted with the choice.

I want to figure it out why I make this decision, why do others make theirs? I somehow know its right for me, without knowing why its not right for others. Without knowing where I got that knowledge from.

Okay, and back to reality as it currently exists.

I'm in Circuits lab now. I would have been gone an hour ago, if the printspooler was anything close to quick.

C was okay... I need to catch up a bit. Circuits lecture, well they did do something new to them, but it was not an effort to get back into the groove of this class.

I should go and have some lunch-like thing.

Then I should get back to the room


P.S. I've got a scratchy throat, I'm fully expecting to get sick now... yay :-(
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