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Well, now I'm going to start trying to tell the story (with many details cut out) from the beginning.

I got here on 8/31, the early move-in date for we honors students (670m 800v, 92.51avg, and losta other boring #s). My roomate, Bill, is cool, but he's not as... shall we say, weird, as I am. So, I started out on my plan to find some other odd people. One is Ed, the guy who gave me the code to start this stupid thingie. He's more Otaku than I am, but he can appreciate other things. However, he clearly does not appreciate my *extremely* sexual jokes. Something about religion. Anyways... other ppl... Brittany, the hyperactive redhead from SF. She likes a few of the odd jokes and puns I make, but then again, thats probably the most anyone ever liked them, unless they were me. She calls me a "nutbunny." I think if there is anything more confusing than a nutbunny, then she is more confusing than it. There is also Heather from my hall. She has had a definate, shall we say, change of faith. Not since coming here, but since... never mind, its too easy to make a BAAAAAD sexual pun. Lets just say, her bf, CJ, is a very lucky guy. And then there is Heather from the other hall, hereforth called pokaHeather, because of reasons that she'd like to kill me for. She's had a checkered past, but I don't particularly care about the past, and her mannerisms and attitudes toward sexual manners remind me of those of my best friends back home.

I'm kinda wondering how personal I want to get with this thing, not only regarding my own details, but also those of whom I interact with.

Ed, you can tell me how you deal with it, either through a reply or through AIM.

I'm sure I'll get back to this later, it IS running in my task bar.

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