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Calc, Photoshop, Deans, NYU, Lunacon, Nuclear Armageddon... you know, the usual stuff

Okay, my Calc IV prof gave hw. Grr

But then again, so did a lot of my profs (today, anyways).

EE Deans list, again. I've just realized that if I'm gonna stay in the Honors Program from this point on, I will be on the Deans list each and every time.

I've been helping Bill with his license "project". I got him photoshop and all the rest that goes with it. I've been giving him a few tips. Anthony helped him too.

Anyways... what else....

Had practice today. James is MIA.

Talked to my "contact" at the NYU pool, and it sounds promising! It would be great if I could do that full-time this summer. Lots more $$$ than last summer, if it can be done. And money, we all know, is neither evil nor good, but handy.

Other than that....

I'm working on it.

LUNACON IN T-MINUS 3 days!!!!! [Update: or is it two now?]

Ohh... remember all that stuff in the news about using nukes?
I took this off a board....
In the famous words of Albert Einstein:

"I do not know with which weapons WWIII will be fought. I only know that WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones..."
And, of course, Einstein, is correct, as usual.

Anyways, I should get this up

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