Peter (xoder) wrote,

Dreamlog: Jetpack in DUMBO

I apparently got that jetpack that they're selling in New Zealand these days
and was giving my brother Nick a ride around DUMBO. At some point, we decide
to do a free fall landing, which is a lot of fun. Then we go into one of
those old warehouses that is now an office building. They force everyone to
submit to some kind of body scan in a big group. It's a bland concrete room,
maybe 3m tall with a 1m bench molded into the wall opposite the scanner,
which is not visible. While we're all waiting to get scanned, a guy asks how
much money the people in this building make. I tell him it's impossible to
know that, as there's over 100 companies in the building. He gets very
upset, and I realize he's asking for his daughter, but I'm not sure if it's
on her behalf or because he's interviewing here and her care is very
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