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My text returns to the page...

so... yah

Flying was flying

Cleveland was a cold host. All the jetways were uninsulated, and thus allowed in much cold when they were open.
Cleveland had a NASA hanger!!! W00t!!!

So... onto my first classes of the quarter...
  • Intro to C for Engineers seems easy enough, I must simply pay attention and decode my prof's accent carefully. Shouldn't be a problem.
  • Statics and Dynamics is even easier, its just the first term of Physics C (i.e. physics I and half of II here...)
  • Circuits I sounds like electronics back at BxSci, so again easy.
Seems that this quarters' stuff will be simple enough to do. Still haven't gotten to CPR yet (its on Thursday), or Calc IV (it starts at 6), but I think this shouldn't be a problem is neet. read it

Anyways... I should get going to the rest of my non-life

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