Peter (xoder) wrote,

Dreamlog: Arctic Experiment

I was performing some kind of experiment up in the Arctic. It was a comms/radio experiment much like the one we're doing down here in GA right now. For a while, we were all (30-50 people) working in one location, then we traveled to another location, and as we were returning to base (on a truck-pulled convoy of personal sleds [about 0.5m square) we passed that original location, and I saw that I left my laptops there, namely, this one, and a work one. I was able to grab the work laptop while we were sledding, but I missed my personal one. Fgrir Qnivqfba (one of the guys in charge at my current experiment, and a Enlgurba employee) was in front of me, and called for a halt for me. Everyone piled off in excitement that our journey was paused, and I retrieved my laptop.

I'll take, "I've been here for too long" for $200, Alex.

PS: I have used ROT-13 to Google-proof key details.
Tags: dreamlog, work
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