Peter (xoder) wrote,

Oy.. so little posting!

I must do this in as little verbiage as possible. (I've noticed that my journal is simply pages upon pages of text... it can be a little intimidating... I know it scares me.)

Got back from Laura's awhile ago. Quite entertainting time spent there. Even though she didn't like The Matrix [I know, anathema, but no one's perfect], but Legally Blonde was pretty decent, for a silly teen movie. Highly with the funnyness. And, of course, I enjoyed The Matrix.
Cuddling was tasty, too. Its nice to have a friend with the cuddling benefit.

Anyways... let's see... but one more thing to cover...

Demonstration tonight. For Howard's class, of course. I got to do a break. One that I was, technically, not supposed to do. It was a roundhouse, sidekick combination. Apparently, combinations are supposed to be done by 2 DANs and above, not first degrees like myself, but ah well! I'll live.

Anyways... I think its time for me to stop adding to my megs of text... I wonder if I have a full meg of text alone yet... is there anyway to check? [Ed, you're my resident LJ-geek, what do you know?]

So... yah... good morning,

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