Peter (xoder) wrote,

Much to do tomorrow!

I have to wake up early to take care of the cavity found on tuesday. Same spot as the last one, just on the other side of the mouth.

Also, I'm going to go spend the night at Laura's. Should be fun. I'm making her see the Matrix and she's making me see Legally Blonde. Its even, I guess. Point is, I have a nice, warm body to cuddle with. Cuddling is good!

Today was busy too. Howard wasn't feeling well this morning, so he called and asked me to sub in for him at Trevor Day School. I was glad to help out. Harris and I ran two practices and then came down to Montessori just short of on time for Howard's practice.
Three practices! Yow!

anyways... alarm's set for 8:30... I should get going...

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