Peter (xoder) wrote,

A week of Columbus (well, nearly)

I've been here for nearly a week now, and I feel I can make some pronouncements:
1) There are a whole lot of pawn shops, loan companies, title loan companies, and such. I guess that speaks to the poorness down here? I wonder how many of the people that patronize these institutions could save tremendous amounts of money by not doing so.
2) Rush hour here moves much faster than back home. You'd think this would be a good thing, but it feels just as congested as the NYC metro area, just we're going 60 instead of 5. This, plus the construction, makes for very stressful driving
3) I still feel a little weird watching soldiers go by. Like they're too conspicuous, so I have to look away, just like I did in the city. I suppose after some more time, I'll get familiar with them, and this will go away. It'd be best if this went away by Monday, though, when I have to give a class to 25 of them. (And again on Thursday, and again on Friday.)
Tags: travel, work
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