Peter (xoder) wrote,

Just FYI, I don't agree with the subject line URL, but I do think it's funny.

Today was good.
Good items on the list:

  • Laura came over and we had fun, it was tasty. I forced her to watch music videos, she talked about cellos, it was normal.
  • Went to practice today. Lots of fun. Always. I really have to push James and José a little harder so they can keep up with these people back home.

Lets see... other things to report...?

Nothing much... the munchkins continue to have school. My dad continues to not have work.

Oh, here's news on the health front:
My alopecia ariata (sp?) is back. It happened to me once before, and it happens to my dad from time to time. Gotta love genetics :-P. Oh, and just so you konw what that does... it means I have a nickle sized bald spot right behind my left ear. Big GRRS!!!

Anyways... I'm gonna sign off of LJ for tonight.... maybe...........

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