Peter (xoder) wrote,


nice lazy day.

I didn't even put on my watch today.

Got up at 1:30.

Had two weird dreams:
So, I was on some kind of field trip and it was this beautifully pristine mountainous region, like the Catskills at Mike's land. And we go there, pay an entry fee, and are told we can leave with whatever junk we find. For some reason I have the impression that there is valuable junk in there, but instead I wander the halls of this magnificent building with a courtyard. I meet this other guy there and we talk about martial arts and how cool it would be to hold a practice in that huge verdant courtyard.
Now, as a warning to those who I know don't care, this is a "sexual" dream. It might even be called by a few, "typical male." Well, I don't care what they say, so I'll blockquote it again!
So, for some reason I'm still at RIT, but under a very different situation. I have this nice, modern, very cosmopolitan common room. And I'm sitting on a couch and an old friend from BxSci is there. I don't think I'll use her name, due to the circumstances, but if you went to BxSci and are curious, I might tell you. Anyways, so she's there, and then she kneels over me and starts trying to seduce me. Eventually I give in to her actions (involving very many "underhanded" maneuvers) and start kissing her neck, and then I wake up.

Yes, Ed, I know you didn't want to read that second one. Sorry. As a matter of fact, I bet most of you didn't want to hear it either.

So, enough of the dreamspeaking.
Perhaps I should explain why I'm doing it... I don't dream very often, so I want to relish and remember every bit of a dream I have, so why not use the gigs of free (sorta... paidmembers, I am, but still...) text storage I have with LJ, yah?

And now on to my dear bro Nick [youngest, age 13]. He's such a whiny snot, still. I help him out with his Solar car science project, and then when we're playing Monopoly and he says that he wants a three, and I tell him he isn't going to get it, and he doesn't get it, he says he doesn't want to play anymore and doesn't want to talk to me anymore. He says I'm annoying, and that I should just shut up.
He's the one who should shut up! He's always screaming instead of speaking, interrupting my or Chris' [other bro, age 16] covos with our parents. Last night I was trying to have some privacy on the phone with Laura, but Nick kept following me around. He follows Chris around a lot too. It really bothered Chris because Nick didn't have any of his own friends, just kept borrowing Chris'.
And he expects to get everything he wants, without reservation. And he's so lazy, and mom keeps on helping him out with his homework to the point that he really doesn't do it! It's PISSING ME OFF.

Anyways, off to bed in a few hours... maybe...


PS: To [you know who you are, b/c I already told you]: ;"Obstacles are those horrible things that we see when we take our eyes off our goals" -- Henry Ford (and also reprinted outside of the RIT Kate Gleason College of Engineering)
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