Peter (xoder) wrote,

In Canada!

But before Canadian stories, new Zipcar:
· 200? Toyota Prius — If it looks like a small car, sounds like a small car, it is one, regardless of hybridness. The car had a very strange shifting method, where I had to hold the shifter into the selection and then release. There was also a separate button to put it in park. The rear view glass was hard to see through and annoying to use. And I found the idling creep a little slow to engage. But it handled well, and it had OK acceleration. The killer-app was the incredible cheapness ($8/hr on a weekend!) and being at the right place (Herald Square) at the right time (when Erin and I had tons of shopping we didn't want to lug on the train).

So far in Toronto:
* Public workers' strike means overflowing garbage cans and no more ferries to the Toronto Islands, which I wanted to go see.
* Erin and I had a great time at the CN Tower and Steam Whistle Brewery. At the latter, I ate a pellet of hops, which was a most interesting experience.
* We also did a lot more transit use today than yesterday.
* Speaking of yesterday, we had a pleasant and uneventful trip to YYZ from JFK, and then both of us took mass transit to nearly our hotel and walked a long distance to the hotel. Now we use the streetcars instead of walking.
* Both of our feet have been having a tricky time with the significantly higher workload.

And, believe it or not, we have been trying to relax, too!
Tags: driving, transit, travel, update, wedding
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