Peter (xoder) wrote,

Last busy day for awhile... i think/hope


Tourney was today. I got to judge. It was my first time judging. Nick got second place champion in both forms and freestyle. That was cool. He also judged. It was his third time judging. Considering he got his first degree about six months after me, this leads me to believe that I need to come to the city for more of these things. Of course... that requires things like cars or money or time. These are difficult commodities to get hands on.

On other Tourney news, there is a SUNY Brockport club (that I didn't know about), and because SUNY Brockport is so close to RIT, we (José, James and I) might be able to bum a ride down to Fordham (or, worst case: caravan down) for the first ever Intercollegiate Tourney on April 13.

And on to the rest of my boring life. Nada.
Going to Laura's on Thursday, and staying over. No, there will be no hanky-panky. She's got a guest room for me to stay in (just because she'll be there doesn't mean that there'll be any trouble).

So Chris went out with Greg (his friend since... elementary school at least) tonight. Now I don't know how much that I can say here, but considering my parents don't read this, I can say that they came back smelling... shall we say, like a certain organic liquid produced by anaerobic respiration. Greg asks me, "why don't you go out one of these nights?"
I couldn't answer him.
I don't know what that means.

Anyways... I've been up for awhile, and I seem to be getting a headache (probably from my notoriously loud keys and tiredness). I'm gonna be heading down into my nice renovated dungeon.

Gnite all!
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