Peter (xoder) wrote,

Busy Friday

So... today I did a lot of stuff...

First, I went to BxSci and Sciffie. Fun stuff. But I had to leave early to...

Second, go to Tae Kwon Do and practice. Its been awhile. Its a much bigger practice down here than what I have going upstate. Howard asked when I'm gonna have a RIT demonstration for them to go to. Well, José, James, when can I? ;-) We also talked about the intercollegiate tournement coming up. I really hope I can bring down those two, and get them their yellow belts. Then I can see about expanding... ;-)

So Chloe and I discussed our bet. It's disturbing how easy it is for me to lose. Sorry for the crypticness, but... eh! I love to be cryptic sometimes. Its healthy for my heart and nose.

Also, Strawberry Top Pop (A small soda company, sells 50c 24oz bottles of soda to the NYC area) tastes just like Strawberry


Tip when flying: Make sure that the printers from your airline work. Otherwise, you might have trouble getting a boarding pass. (Like I did!)

anyways... bed... before the Children's tournement tomorrow... good idea. I won't be participating, but I might be judging, and anyways, I will be there and I will be helping to set up. Busy day tomorrow, too!


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