Peter (xoder) wrote,

An atheist's reflection on a folksinger's idea of God

Dan Bern has this lovely song called "God Said No". In it, our narrator asks God to go back in time to correct certain things he views as mistakes in time. For instance, to prevent Kurt Cobain's suicide or kill Hitler or save Jesus. God replies in the negative for all of these, telling our narrator what he would do instead of accomplishing these goals. But my favorite line is as follows:
God said, "Time,
Time belongs to me.
Time's a sacred weapon.
A final advantage."

In addition to Dan Bern's gorgeous vocals all throughout this piece, its truly haunting melody, and its grim subject matter all fit together in an amazing piece. It just reminds me that time is the one limited thing we have. I mean, sure, there's only so much gold, and only about 1 ounce of Francium in the Earth's crust at any given time, but most things are reasonably infinite to any given human, so long as they have enough time to get them.

One of the last lines is, "I knew I was beaten / And that now was all I have." And if that doesn't fit my Discordian Hedonist Atheist Humanist outlook, then I'm not really sure what does.
Tags: lyrics, music, religion
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