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Association Meme

Snatched from, mountainheather
Association Meme:
Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
The subjects that she chose are:
Zip cars
Tae kwon do

· Zipcars — After riding with amalthya in her Zipcars, I realized how very useful they were. In fact, it was part of my push to get my license. The other part was the Summer trips to the Mountains and helping out Howard. I've loved Zipcar thus far. The customer service has been spectacular, and it's very inexpensive. I also love the spectacular array of vehicles. It's nice to always have a new car to try out.

· Tae Kwon Do — I've been doing TKD since I was 11 with my teacher, Howard. It's always been extremely positive. My brothers started with me, but bailed in their late teens. Both are 2DAN. I have a 3DAN.

· Polyamory — I've been poly since before my first relationship. When reading Stranger in a Strange Land at summer camp (was I 12 or 13?), I was astounded by two things: how much sex there was in it, and how much nonmonogamy made complete and utter sense. To the other polyfolk in the crowd, they can sigh and say how stereotypical that it was Heinlein that got me thinking poly, but whatever.

· Engineering — I love building things. My parents have a ton of LEGO toys and K'Nex in the basement waiting for my brothers and I to have children. Computers and electronics came easily to me, so it made sense to go into engineering. I enjoy my job when I'm not being thwarted at every turn by poor documentation.

· NYC — My first true love, the city I grew up in. I don't need to own a car, and I don't want to. The subway is like my native language. 9/11 happened on my second day of classes up at RIT, and I wanted to be downtown helping heal my city's wounds. Now, of course, I'm annoyed at the survivor's families, and I'm horrified at the rate of pulmonary diseases that first responders are getting and how little they're being helped by the powers that be. But I want to be clear: I loved NYC before, and I love it after, and neither have anything to do with that day after my 18th birthday.
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