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25 Things Meme

Ok, so I got tagged something like five times over Facebook with this one. Sorry in advance. When it imports into Facebook, I might add some tags to it. If I remember.

The 25 things meme involves rattling off 25 "interesting" things about yourself and then tagging 25 people on Facebook to make them do the same. You're also supposed to tag back whoever tagged you, so hopefully this will act as an appropriate suicide function for it once it has reached saturation.

1) I am a Discordian, mostly because it's a funner branch of Zen.
2) I am an atheist. So, yes, that means I do not believe in the literal existence of Eris, or YHWH, or whatever.
3) Truth be told, I can't really understand why anyone would look at the questions of the world and come to the conclusion that there was a god or gods somewhere as the simplest explanation.
4) In case it's not obvious, I do believe in Occam's Razor.
5) I'm tall. I normally forget this except when I'm on the train and I notice someone's head pop up above the rest of the heads. Then I think he's tall, and then I realize that I'm taller (or sometimes shorter) than he is.
6) Speaking of, I was always the tallest kid in class, and the tallest kid in school until High School.
7) I hold a Third Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. The name of the particular style is Chung Do Kwan.
8) I'm still a klutz.
9) I've had a total of seven regular students in Tae Kwon Do. One quit after a week. Three made it to yellow belt and I never see them any more. One made it to green and I never see him any more. One made it to brown belt (faboo) and then moved out of town. And one semi-current student who is a yellow belt. I hope she continues.
10) I also taught Tae Kwon Do at the Seagate Beach Club for two summers. I even had a regular student or two there, but it was mostly kids just running in and out as they pleased.
11) To tell you the truth, I felt that giving the kids the freedom to go to class or not helped me immensely. If I was stuck in a gym or studio, I'd have to maintain their attention.
12) I used to swim all the time. But I didn't swim competitively until High School. I was the fastest Freshman for the first week of practice because I already had the technique down.
13) But physical quickness has never come easily to me. I don't know if it's because I'm so big, or because I really wasn't much of a sports person as a child.
14) I love living in New York City.
15) I work in Clifton, New Jersey for a defense contractor. I do not make bombs. I make digital communications systems. (And the one I'm working on now is annoying me, but work is work and it's not actually that annoying.) My commute isn't that bad, surprisingly.
16) Speaking of my commute, I use public transit, and it does me quite well. When everyone's out because of a few snowflakes, I'm chilling in the lab with my boots on. It does take an hour each way, though.
17) I've been growing to like driving, although spatially I sometimes have trouble with the edges of the car. That is to say, I often think the car is bigger than it is and handle accordingly.
18) I'm something of a grammar nazi. I'm willing to bend to convention on occasion, but even my text messages are complete sentences.
19) I often feel out of place in traditional male gatherings. So much time is spent in negativity. I appreciate the wordplay though, and can fake it pretty well for a while.
20) For that matter, I don't much like going to "normal" parties. The loud music, dark lights, and large amount of booze are annoying and make it hard to focus. I also just feel out of place.
21) Because, you see, I don't drink. Never have, and I don't intend to. Nor do I use any other psychoactives stronger than caffeine or kava kava.
22) Not that I have anything against those who do, within reason. For instance, I think marijuana should be legalized (and regulated and taxed). What bothers me is when people get too sloppy with any intoxicant.
23) I can't believe it took me this long to mention that I'm polyamorous. I'm currently engaged to erin_trying and kinda-sorta seeing two other ladies. I'd like to have a full-on girlfriend as well as Erin, but right now I just don't have the kind of energy for that kind of pursuit, especially if I have to work too hard for it (i.e., I'd like to be sought after). Now that I write that out, it sounds kind of bad, but you wanted honesty, right?
24) Yes, I ignored the Discordian holy numbers 5 and 23 above and put nothing particularly significant in it. A Discordian is Forbidden from Believing What He Reads. That said, every thing I have put down (and will put down) is the truth.
25) It took me three days of sporadic writing during work to get this damn thing written out. Some of the rest of you had better take it eventually!
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