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On Arisia

I had an excellent time working the Green Room with erin_trying, rosefox, sinboy, glib_dichotomy, malaul, and Randee [edit: kitteridge, and anyone else I missed [edit: deyo, and mactavish, for example]. I didn't get to spend much time out and about in the con, but it all worked out. Got some tasties from Dealer's Row, and got significant driving experience—at night and in (light) snow on the way home, even!

Big loud drinking/dancing parties hold no interest for me, and I must remind myself that this is not a character flaw, and it does not mean that I will never meet anyone interesting, and it does not mean that I should force myself to go. It does mean that the "inflationary" portion of my friend-gathering life is likely over, however, as I don't have the forced social environment like High School anymore. [By "inflationary", I am referring to the cosmological concept of inflation, which is when the young universe expanded extraordinarily fast before slowing down to where we are now.] I'm OK with that. It also means that I will likely have a bad time at any party like that. And I already know that I will have a bad time at any party I'm too sleepy at.

Reading the above, I wonder if I'm becoming an introvert lately. I've always loved casual contact with people (i.e., living in the city, making small talk), but I just cannot deal with loud, crowded, hot, dark parties. They do not move me in the slightest, and I find them uncomfortable. Much the same thing with bars, although, in addition, they seem pointless.

Bah, after writing such things, I feel like such a stick-in-the-mud and/or old man. Also, boring.
Tags: braindump, con, driving, failure, gathering
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