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2008 in summary (by first sentences)

January: Just as I'm about to leave to have hot water @ my parents', the hot water returned.
February: In other news, I'm a moron.
March: Pete
April: “When I got to the train station tonight after school, I had a moment of sheer terror because no one else is here at this train station."
May: This is the Brooklyn Municipal Building.
June: Found in 125 Street Station.
July: Erin and Chris finished it before I got home last night.
August: The back side of a street sign near the train station has had this tag on it for months.
September: Someone must really dislike this person.
October: It seems we have a new artist inside the train shelter.
November: My alarm did not wake me this morning, but it's OK, because the school across the street did.
December: So it appears that there is some major problem with the test I'm currently running at work, but the bigger problem is that while my coworkers were trying to debug the issue yesterday, they managed to trip the breaker for our bench's UPS, causing the whole thing to shut down.
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