Peter (xoder) wrote,

Flush gentlemen...

... It's a civilization thing. I found this in the men's room at school (who, I just found out, reimbursed my CC on the 3rd!). I wonder whose passive-aggressive note this is. I'm sure you've all seen, right? That site makes me feel guilty, because I leave a few notes for my roommates. But It's not like I can just talk to them - I'm never home when they are, and I don't want to directly accuse people when they are not at fault, and 1-on-1 facetime is extremely inefficient when you have 6 roommates.

Wow, defensive much?

I got a whole bunch of laundry done and even some ironing. That is one of the things that TV is good at: passive delivery of content. With the web, I likely would have had to keep clicking to keep the entertainment flowing, which is not as good for ironing.

I forgot my DS at home today, so I guess It's a newspaper day. It's unfortunate, as I've been doing a lot of owning in Picross lately. I need to remember to get the latest new puzzles!

Tags: graf, phone post, photos
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