Peter (xoder) wrote,

Very pretty building

I really like the ornate facade on this building. It's on Montague St. in Brooklyn. I was lucky enough to catch the morning sun on the day I got my first ZipCar.

Today is Wednesday, the day of the week I don't make plans on. Therefore, I stand a chance of getting the a/c out of the window, as well as doing some ironing. I hope I can get to both of these. Maybe do some laundry? Boring, I know, but when I'm busy all weekend, it's hard to get the vital stuff done. The good news is that laundry is highly parallelizable.

I think I may have started posting too often. Sorry. And sorry about apologising so often. Last night, Erin and I went to Fairway, and on the way back I began to crash hard. Maybe it was that I was tired, maybe I was tired of the messed up schedule at work, who knows. I do know that I became a liability and an annoyance at that point. I could argue that I always am, but I know that's not true, so I can kill that loop pretty quickly.

Tags: cognitive distortion, complaining, phone post, photos, plans
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