Peter (xoder) wrote,


I love when buildings are brightly sunlit against a darkly overcast sky.

The Atlantic Antic was a lot of fun. We got Howard's name out there and the demonstrations were a lot of fun. We stopped traffic! There were a lot of photographers there, so I'll be checking flickr for us, I guess.

After, I showed Howard the opening scene of 'Foot Fist Way' so he could see how well our demos went. If you've seen the movie, then you know who's The King of the Demo.

My eyes are still uncomfortable from either the smoke at the Antic or the allergies I was having trouble with this weekend. I may live to regret not taking a pill this morning.

I'm having trouble typing and keeping my eyes open. I want to in back to bed. I had a totally excellent weekend, just that it ended late and started early just like my weekdays.

Tags: phone post, photos, tae kwon do
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