Peter (xoder) wrote,

Good morn-ting [diez]

This one, like many I post, is from the 125th Street station. Is this a reference I don't get? Are they in two different hands, and if so, is this a genuine conversation?

Yesterday I did the arithmetic and found out how little the actual dollar cost of the bad money handling issue is, and I feel quite a bit better. I mean, even holding two grand on the card for an extra month is still less than $20.

Last night I had a date, which ended around 11. What I should have done was go to bed at that time. What I did was play Rock Band 2 with Erin, Chris, and Rob. Another 1a night. So I'll probably bail on dinner with the TKD folk tonight so I might get to bed. I'll be hungry, but I'll be sleeping.

Great, I just hit my ankle running into this train. Thanks a lot, LI jerks who don't know how to walk, delaying me just enough to get hit by the closing door. To be fair, if I'd been aware of the time, I could've started running earlier. So it's my fault, too.

Tags: graf, money, phone post, photos, school
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