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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
Delawanna post 12 of at least 5. 
1st-Oct-2008 07:15 am
It seems we have a new artist inside the train shelter. Simple, direct block lettering seems to be the rule here. I guess we've gone from anarchists to narcisists.

My CyberSecurity class is still awesome. I think I might even have my paper idea already: a very old, but not yet heavily exploited cross-site forgery request that doesn't need anything fancy like JavaScript to help it work, just IMG tags will do.

I am very angry at my school. Back in August, I registered for 2 classes and 2 hours after I paid for them, they cancelled one. I emailed them asking when I'd see my money again. They said, 'The refund period begins Sept. 8.' So on Thursday I start wondering where my refund check in, so I ask again. Four days later, I get an email saying that they'll put in my request today and I'll get my check in about 2 weeks. Assuming instant depositing and crediting of said check, which isn't going to happen, it'll still be 2 days late for my credit card bill. I tried calling, but no luck.

1st-Oct-2008 11:51 am (UTC)
At least they don't charge you a fee for dropping the class. I know we charge a fee for dropping classes before the end of add-drop period, and I wouldn't be surprised if we do it for canceled classes too.
1st-Oct-2008 12:05 pm (UTC)
I didn't drop the class. They canceled it two hours after I paid for it. If they charge me a fee, I'm going to go nuclear on the poor sap on duty at the Bursar's today.
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