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Free Self-Defense Class!

From an email I got from my TKD teacher:
TOMORROW --->>>FREE Introductory Self-Defense Class - Thursday September 25th at 7:30 pm. Click the following link to RSVP

Invite your friends to come join us at this free class in self-defense. This course is designed to acquaint individuals with the issues and training methods associated with self-defense including:
What is self-defense
What is it not
What are the four rules of surviving a violent crime
What are the three "S"s when performing any technique
What is the body part can you hit with that feels like being hit with a brick?
What is mindset?

I wish I could go with you guys, but I cannot, as I'll be working 2nd shift. Howard's a great teacher, and I think you'll find it very valuable if you do go.
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