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Quickly, the photo is of some old train cars just outside Hoboken terminal. I'm not sure why they're there, but they've been there the past 2 weeks.

Last night was the Final Four concert for NYC soundtracks. The first act was decent, but generic. The second was not very good (you are not Luther Vandross, stop vamping like him). The third act, Dorian Spencer, was excellent, which makes sense, as he was the guy we went to see. The fourth was also very good, his name was Trevor Exter, and he played the cello like a guitar, almost entirely by picking, and even playing chords.

All in all, a pretty successful evening. But as always, I'm sleepy. This is most likely the sleep debt from Tuesday finally hitting me, but whatever.

If you'll forgive me, I've noticed that when I started posting photos daily, I got a ton of comments, but now it's resumed to its normal trickle. Is it because I haven't been commenting very much myself?

Tags: audience participation, meta, music, phone post, photos, question
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