Peter (xoder) wrote,

Delawanna post 11 of at least 5

Someone must really dislike this person. Notice the massive keying going on here. Also the window has some sharpie calling the owner a bitch. I don't know if you can read that from this angle. I hope that the only reason it's still like this is that the cops need the evidence and the insurance money is on the way.

Going to pick up my first ZipCar today. I'm really excited, but a little worried I skimped on cargo space too much by getting a xA. I think it'll be fine with the seats down, and I have it for long enough that I can make two trips easily. I also have 5 CDs for a 3-hour reservation, because I'm crazy like that (one's an EP, anyways!).

The only problem with this outing is my notorious early arrival. At this rate, I'll be at the garage 15-30 minutes early. Which is OK, I guess, as I want to be there the second my reservation starts, just in case I do need to do multiple runs. So, I'm sitting on the Promenade. Life, for the moment at least, is good.

Tags: driving, phone post, photos
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