Peter (xoder) wrote,

Back from the mountaintop

The summer trip was excellent as usual. Actually, it went extremely smoothly, likely due to an increased number of upper belts in Howard's group, as well as a general aging of many of the kids.

I was very touched when Howard let me drive the 15-passenger van. There was much hilarity when we took a little private road thanks to a GPS system that had a touch of sadism. There were so many good times that it seems pointless to count.

The attached photo is from Middleburgh, one of the larger towns near Gilboa (everyone actually had cell service!).

Now I'm going to have to go to work early for the next few months, as The Customer is in town for our Big Final Test. And I need to pick up my ID because I forgot it as I often do after a vacation.

Tags: driving, phone post, photos, tae kwon do
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