Peter (xoder) wrote,

Jesus sheets

Found these on 6th Ave, near 34th street. They're delightfully incoherent. I forget what phone booth ads they were pasted over, but I think one was a trashy reality show.

My friend Andrew form TKD will be staying w/ me and Erin for a few days before the mountains trip, and for a few days after. It'll be nice to see him, but I think he'll be bored because both Erin and I work during the day.

I keep forgetting to bring MSI's If to work to rip it. Oh well. It's a pretty sweet album, as usual for them. Erin and I first listened to it while driving about on Saturday. I was worried I'd speed, but all went OK.

When I tried this 2-page posting method before, I noticed the 2nd page of text disappears, but both images are displayed, so that's how there are 2 photos here, instead of the normal 1.

Didn't bring a book today. Maybe I'll be able to do the extra posting required to free up some space on my phone. Any requests?


Tags: graf, music, phone post, photos, religion
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