Peter (xoder) wrote,

Bells are still ringing

See, the subject is a pun, because not only is there an old Bell Atlantic sticker on the disused payphone, but I'll also be discussing what skeletal wedding plans we've agreed on.

We are going to separate the legal marriage from the wedding, because that's just simpler if we can do it when it is most convenient for taxes and insurance. My mom thinks we're being too pragmatic, but I say I need numbers to make sense of things.

We will be having seperate parties for family and friends. This is both a cost issue and a coming-out-to-both-our-extended-families is annoying and pointless issue. We want the wedding to be about us, not our wacky lifestyle ;-)

Faelan will be the ceremonialist. It's only fair after I married her and faboo. We still need to discuss the specifics, including whether she'll be doing the legal ceremony as well.

Whatever venue we get will largely determine our timetable for the parties. Of course, we will only be introducing it to said venues as a private party ;-)

Tags: phone post, photos, wedding
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