Peter (xoder) wrote,

Yet another set of Carroll St tags

I've been seeing a lot of pyramids lately. Must be the Illuminati (weird for the name of a secret society to be in my phone's dictionary, don't you think?).

Work has been very slow lately and it's mostly my fault. I know I'm going to get made fun of today because I've got a new shirt, a shiny polo instead of the matte button-downs I usually wear.

I hate clothes. I've mentioned this before. It feels like the rules are arbitrary and arcane. I have my own style, but it largely consists of me finding things that let me blend in. I have very few bright colors, and though I like witty T-shirts, I often avoid wearing them because I don't like the attention. Actually that was a large reason I didn't like talking about the engagement. I don't like being the center of attention. Which is weird, because I love throwing myself big birthday parties. That's different, though, because I like giving my friends the opportunity to chill with each other. Speaking of, anyone have any party ideas?

Tags: complaining, fashion, phone post, photos
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